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When you order your papers at brainybro, you are assured of four things: 100% premium quality content, 0% plagiarism, affordability and timeliness in delivery.
The experienced brainy bro writers are behind these four guarantees that have made the company really grow bigger and wider. When it was started, it had just three people who doubled as writers and editors. After one wrote the one, they would pass it to the second who would do all grammar editing and pass it to the third person who would look at the work quality, uniqueness and whether instructions were met. With such a thorough work process, the company attracted myriads and myriads of customers. After one student got their quality paper, they would not keep the good news to themselves and would tell their friends of this awesome writing company that always checked on high quality and timely deliveries. Customers continued streaming in from referrals making the company get lots of earnings from their thorough efforts. writers

PAs they expanded, the brainy bro company hired more writers. However, they did not just go to the streets and pick writers. They vetted and screened them really well to ensure that only the best were hired. In hiring, a writer was first checked whether they had at least a Master’s degree. If they had, they were given a complicated grammar test which tested them on spellings, subject verb agreement, use of active and passive voice, simple, compound and complex sentences. For one to pass to the next level, they had to scoop at least a 90%. Those who passed were then asked to write high quality essays within a short deadline. Those who wrote impeccable essays were chosen and taken through a thorough academic writing course.

Brainybro review for great customer care department

The company also hired people for its customer department. These people had to be really tactful and on the lookout to help clients make orders, understand what was required from their instructions as well as ensure that there was good communication between the writer and the customer. With these respectful customer care, the company has earned high brainybro review.