Samedayessay Review: a Paid Essays Website That you Going to Like

Samedayessay is a paid essays website where around 1,000 writers are available to work on the customers’ orders of academic papers and essays.

The speed of delivery on Samedayessay

The website’s name clearly states the claimed offer. The company claims to have the ability to provide with a “same day essay”. The timeframes for the essay from which you can choose start from as little as 3 hours, and extend to weeks and months. For each timeframe, there is a separate price. Many of the website’s customers report in their reviews that the timeframe stated by them while making the order was strictly respected. However, papers ordered on short notice were often found below the standards expected by the customers who made the orders.

Samedayessay Rating

Due to a combination of elements, and based on our experience as well as the experiences of a good amount of the website’s customers, we could rate Samedayessay at 3/5. The main points of strength of this website are its respect of the timeframe agreed upon with the customer, as well as the user-friendly interface found on The ease of payment and the security of your payment details are also points that should be taken into consideration. The website is well designed in this regard.

The writers

The website has a good amount of writers (around 1,000 writers as we previously mentioned), and these writers have various academic backgrounds, from social sciences to natural and applied sciences. This makes the availability of a writer to fit your requirements somewhat guaranteed. The website states that all of the writers have either masters or Ph.D. degrees, and can speak and write fluently in English. These claims were found to be true by many of the company’s customers, however, some samedayessay reviews include complaints about the quality of the writing especially in terms of the language. Some customers also claimed that the paper itself was subpar, but it is worth noting that most of these complaints were for dissertations or complex research papers. Most of the customers who used the website’s services for an essay, for example, whether for high school, college, or post-graduate studies, were satisfied with the outcome.