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One of the most annoying downsides of academic writing is plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered an academic crime where a student uses borrowed work without according due recognition to the original author.
Any top writer in the academic help industry knows how to avoid plagiarism. Anti-plagiarism Policy
There are many forms but the worst is where a writer copies word by word by simply using the copy paste option. If you check any topwriter review you should realize why the company is one of the best in the industry. Here are some measures used by topwriter authors to write 100% original papers.

Topwriter Review

Reviews give detailed descriptions of the kind of experiences clients have had with a given company. Plagiarism is a vice that any student dreads because of the severity of the penalties attached. In extreme cases some colleges expel culprits.
Therefore, anyone can get a picture of how top writer handles the vice by reading dozens of reviews about the company. The company employs only professional writers with academic degrees from top colleges across the globe. This is exactly why you will seldom read about a top writer review where a writer working with the company is accused of the crime.
Up to date Referencing Styles
Poor referencing can amount to plagiarism especially if the author ignores important rules. For instance, a paper that is full of borrowed ideas with little or no input from the author is definitely a plagiarised paper. This is because we should always use borrowed ideas only to support our claims and assumptions. Quoting from non-scholarly sites is also considered unprofessional. Top writer review at the site will show you that writers in the company are knowledgeable in referencing. This is because some clients come when they are totally clueless but the patient authors do their best to offer explanations. Colleges often provide guidelines to the kind of styles students should use. At topwriter, authors are always updated to ant changes with regard to referencing styles. This is why the company boasts of plagiarism free papers.